DivvyDiary Dividend API

Through our DivvyDiary Dividend API you get direct access to historical and announced dividend data from over 36,500 securities worldwide. Build your own financial tools and services based on high quality data in JSON format.

36,500 securities

Our universe already includes over 36,500 securities and is expanding daily.

Worldwide coverage

Our database contains dividend data on securities worldwide.

Shares, ETFs and funds

In addition to stocks, we have dividend data from the largest ETF and fund providers.

ISIN as key

We use the ISIN as the key for all securities. No symbols necessary.

30 years history

Our dividend history includes up to 30 years of historical data.

Pay date and Ex-Dividend date

For all dividends you get access to the pay date and ex-dividend date.

All currencies

Receive dividends in the respective currency of the distributing securities.

No limits

Our API includes unlimited access and bulk requests to query multiple ISINs.

Interested?Convince yourself of the scope and quality of our data.

One price - no limits

If you are not satisfied, we will refund you the full price within 7 days.

DivvyDiary Dividends API

Get unlimited access to our dedicated dividend API for business customers for commercial use of data with increased availability and stability.

Full access

  • Private API Key

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  • Dedicated API for our business customers

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