Your personal Dividend Calendar

Keep track of your future cash flow from dividend income. Always and everywhere.

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The smartest way to track your dividends

All important dividend key figures and visualizations reliably, individually and transparently for your portfolio. Historical and future dividends always in view.

Dividend securities worldwide

DivvyDiary offers the largest database of global dividend stocks with the most qualitatively accurate metrics. Track all your stocks and ETFs and discover new dividend payers.

Personal portfolio

Simply enter your securities portfolio and you will see the amount of your personal dividend payments for each day.

Your dividends in the best light

DivvyDiary is as individual as your dividend strategy. Gross or net? Light or dark mode? Euro or Dollar? You have the choice.

All important dividend key figures

No matter if personal dividend yield, dividend growth or annual dividend of your portfolio.

Focus on your dividends

DivvyDiary is the perfect tool for planning your dividend strategy. Manage your cash flow with our intuitive reports and integrate the data into your daily routine.

Mobile notifications

Conveniently get notified of new dividends via email or push message. Daily, weekly or monthly.

Calendar export

Synchronize all upcoming paydays and ex-days for your securities account fully automatically with your schedule.
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