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Financial education is essential. With our dividend calendar, we are contributing to strengthening shareholder culture.

How DivvyDiary came to be

The idea for DivvyDiary came to us - Max and Johannes - in October 2019 when we were desperately looking for a dividend calendar to help us keep track of future dividend income. Fortunately, our research was unsuccessful at the time. Therefore, we took the development into our own hands.

Since we could only develop DivvyDiary in our spare time - besides our full time jobs - it took us about half a year from the idea to the first presentable version and the first real users. Since then, we received a lot of feedback, learned a lot and spent our nights to improve DivvyDiary constantly. We are continuously working on optimizing the quality of our data and unlocking new features.

The DivvyDiary founders from left: Johannes and Max

We are very proud of the development of DivvyDiary and grateful for every user. DivvyDiary is and remains our heart's project, which we are able to run on our own and thanks to the support of our aristocrats independent of external stakeholders.

Dividend pay dates

What is important to us

We support investors in long-term investment in assets such as shares, ETFs and funds that generate passive income. Our main focus is on the preparation and presentation of dividend data. Our current functions as well as future enhancements are based on this.

For the focused development of new functions, it is particularly important to us that they fit thematically to us and at the same time offer the greatest possible added value for the majority of our users. Unfortunately, this often means saying "no" to requests that are too specific and only offer added value to individual users or leave the subject area of dividends.

We want to build the best possible tool for dividend investors. That means no advertising, no tracking, no shady collaborations, no data sharing. We take privacy and integrity seriously. If we build a feature, it's because we believe it will make DivvyDiary better for users. This is also the reason why we offer a paid version of DivvyDiary. This way we don't depend on external funders and can act purely in the interest of the users.

Users are our customers, DivvyDiary is our product – never the other way around!

We always ask ourselves how meaningful a newly developed function is and how much truth there is in it in the end. Since we don't have a crystal ball either, we exclude certain topics for development. These include, for example, calculations that may deviate too much from reality and only represent a sham accuracy. Because our goal is to know DivvyDiary as a reliable dividend tool at your side.