Working at DivvyDiary

We craft the best tool for dividend investors and strengthen the shareholder culture in Germany. Transparent and independent.

Our Tech-Stack

  • Frontend: React (SSR), Tailwind CSS, Chart.js, immer, storeon
  • Backend: Node.js, fastify, MariaDB, redis, BullMQ
  • Data Analytics: Grafana, Python, Prophet, Darts

You might be a good fit, if

  • you are interested in investing in the stock market.
  • you take pride in taking responsibility for new features and driving them from planning to release.
  • you enjoy working in distributed, asynchronous teams (e.g. open source) because you get your best results in that setup.

Become part of DivvyDiary.

We look forward to meeting you in a first video call with the founders of DivvyDiary and answering all your questions. ✌️

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