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Your Dividend Calendar

Keep an Overview of your Future Dividend Cashflow. Everytime, Everywhere.

  • More than 58,000 Stocks & ETFs Around the World

    We have dividend data of every big business in our database, and we'll keep growing it. We're especially proud of our more than 100 Dividend Aristocrats.

  • No Hidden Costs

    Using DivvyDiary is free. To sign up, you don't even have to provide payment details. As a voluntary supporter you'll have access to additional functionality.

  • Personal Portfolio

    Simply insert your current stocks into your personal portfolio. On the individual payment date, you'll see the amount of your dividend earnings.

  • Mobile Notifications

    Get notified via E-Mail or Push Notifications when there are changes in your portfolio, regardless of whether you're working with your smartphone, tablet or personal computer.

  • Automatic Import from Portfolio Performance

    Thanks to the automatic import of your portfolio from Portfolio Performance you can enjoy all benefits of DivvyDiary without manual maintenance work.

  • Discover Dividend Stocks

    Finding securities that pay their dividends in a given frequency is a piece of cake. You want to have monthly dividends? Have a look at all our monthly dividend stocks and funds.

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