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Newsletter May 2021

We are introducing new memberships: Scrimpers and Aristocrats.

We - Max and Johannes - started DivvyDiary in April 2020 and have achieved a growth with you that we couldn't imagine at the beginning. We are incredibly happy about this and it shows us how many like-minded dividend enthusiasts are still out there!

DivvyDiary now has over 15,000 active users and our servers answer several million requests every day.

These numbers fill us with pride. However, this growth unfortunately also means that the costs of running DivvyDiary and programming new features exceed the scope of our original hobby project.

Therefore we decided to introduce a voluntary premium membership "Aristocrat", with which you can support the further development of DivvyDiary sustainably and get access to exclusive new features - like the new annual dividend overview.

But don't worry, DivvyDiary will remain free for all users with the basic membership "Scrimper". This includes all the features you already know and love.

You can find all information about the memberships on our new prices page.

Use the coupon code ARISTOKRAT to get the first month of your Aristocrat membership for free (redeemable until May 31, 2021).

Regardless of whether you are a thrifty person or an Aristocrat... we wish you continued dividend income galore!

Best regards

Max & Johannes

P.S. If you have already supported us with a donation before the introduction of the memberships, please contact us via email and we will credit you with a corresponding amount of Aristocrat Months.