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New key figures: Dividend yield and dividend growth

As an "aristocrat" you now have the possibility to display the dividend yield and the dividend growth (CAGR) per company.

As of now, we have added three new exciting dividend ratios to the securities pages of the individual companies (example: Realty Income) - in addition to the dividend histories and splits - three new, exciting dividend ratios have been added:

  1. Dividend Yield (FWD): Indicates how high the dividends paid in the current year (based on estimates) are in relation to the current share price.

  2. Annual Dividend (FWD): Indicates the total gross dividends accruing in the current year (based on estimates).

  3. Dividend Growth (CAGR): Indicates how much the dividend has increased or decreased on average over the last few years, taking into account the compound interest effect (also known as the annual growth rate).

Since the time period is of fundamental importance for the dividend growth (CAGR), you can freely choose the observation period between 1 and 10 years.

We hope you like the new key figures!

We wish you further good dividend yields

Max & Johannes