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New insights into your depot

From now on, we will show you the current price, value and percentage of each security in your securities account.

We have added new key figures on the My securities account page for you. For each security (stocks and ETFs) in your portfolio you can now see the following three new key figures at a glance:

  • The current price of each security,
  • the value (= portfolio × price) of each security and
  • the percentage share of the total portfolio (allocation) of each security.

The new ratios are intended as a guide and are aimed at long-term investors who want a quick overview of the approximate value and allocation of their own portfolio. The prices are time-delayed and from different trading venues depending on the time of day and are therefore not suitable as a basis for short-term investment decisions.

The new ratios are available free of charge to all DivvyDiary members. As an Aristocrat you support the development of this and other new features on DivvyDiary.

We hope you like the new insights into your portfolio!

Further good dividend yields wish you

Max & Johannes