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Average dividends per month

The bar chart for the dividends per month now also shows you the average dividend per month for your portfolio.

In our bar chart for the overview of the distribution of dividends to the individual months, you can now also display the average dividend per month.

This way you can always see which months are particularly strong dividend months for your portfolio and in which months you could buy suitable dividend-paying securities. This feature is especially interesting if you want to distribute your dividends as evenly as possible across all months.

As with all features on DivvyDiary you have the choice between the light design (Light Mode) and the dark design (Dark Mode).

Dividend Bar Chart (Light Mode)

Dividend Bar Chart (Light Mode)

Dividend bar chart (Dark Mode)

Dividend Bar Chart (Dark Mode)

You can find the dividend bar chart as usual at the end of your personal My Depot page.

Further good dividend yields wish you

Max & Johannes