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New key figures for your depot

As an "Aristocrat" you can now see the average dividend yield and the annual dividend individually for your portfolio. In addition, we now show each user their total portfolio value.

As of today, we have added the following new key figures for you on the My securities account page:

  • Custody account value: Indicates how high the current value of all securities in your portfolio is.

  • Ø Dividend Yield (FWD): Indicates how high your average gross dividend yield is in the current year for your deposited securities account.

  • Annual Dividend (FWD): Indicates how much gross dividend you are expected to receive in the current year.

New depot key figures (Light Mode)

Depot key figures (Light Mode)

New depot key figures (Dark Mode)

Depot key figures (Dark Mode)

The depot value and the annual dividend will be displayed in the currency you specified. You can change them at any time in the Settings.

We hope you like the new key figures!

Further good dividend yields wish you

Max & Johannes