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Newsletter September 2022

New charts for dividend investors.

Summer 2022 is slowly coming to an end. So that you can continue to keep a constant eye on your portfolio and dividend income in the upcoming colder season, we have been busy the past few weeks and have developed some new features for you.

These include:

Circle chart for your securities allocation: Using the chart, you can see graphically how strongly diversified your portfolio is and what the percentage distribution of your individual securities in the portfolio is. In addition, you have the possibility to compare your current allocation with the allocation of your portfolio at cost price. This gives you an overview of how the allocation of your portfolio has developed historically.

Tax allowance: You can enter your individual tax allowance for each portfolio. We then use this to calculate the "Annual Net Dividend (FWD)" to provide you with even more accurate results.

Annual Dividend Pie Chart: As an Aristocrat, the new chart allows you to quickly see how your annual dividend income is made up for the past 12 months & thus how diversified your income is.

Historical dividend growth chart for your portfolio: With the help of our new chart you can visualize the annual development of your dividend growth (CAGR) for your portfolio in retrospect for the last 10 years and optimize it for the future.

Future dividend growth chart for your portfolio: Based on your historical dividend growth rates, we forecast your future dividend growth over the next 25 years. You also have the possibility to enter your own growth rates to get even more individual results.

Price gain per security: We have added a new column in your portfolio with the current price gain per security.

Share total overview of all portfolios: If you have created several portfolios, you can now share the aggregated total overview of all portfolios if you wish.

We also add new securities daily, so that you can now find reliable dividend ratios for over 31,500 securities (stocks, ETFs, funds, CEFs, preferred shares...) on DivvyDiary.

Some of the new features are exclusively available to our Aristocrat members, whose membership enables the active further development of DivvyDiary in the first place.

Lisa from Aktiengram has published a wonderful Experience report about DivvyDiary in her blog. It's worth reading - not only because of the included coupon code for new aristocrats.

We hope the new features continue to motivate you to stay invested in the stock market for the long term.

We wish you continued numerous dividend earnings!

Best regards

Max & Johannes