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Portfolio Import from Parqet, Scalable Capital and Trade Republic

From now on you can import your portfolio directly from Parqet, Scalable Capital and Trade Republic.

Portfolio import to DivvyDiary from Parqet, Scalable Capital and Trade Republic

We have integrated three new connections, so you can transfer your portfolio to DivvyDiary even more comfortable:

Of course you can still use the existing options CSV file upload and direct upload from Portfolio Performance.

You can find the import in the usual place on the My portfolio page in the Data import section.

Import from Parqet to DivvyDiary

We are especially happy about the integration with our friends from Parqet. With the zero-click import on Parqet, you have a variety of other brokers at your disposal, which you can conveniently maintain via PDF upload in Parqet and transfer to DivvyDiary with one click.

Parqet offers a lot of additional fundamental data and key figures for your portfolio, supports additional asset classes (e.g. Crypto) and is therefore an excellent addition to DivvyDiary.

Further good dividend yields wish you

Max & Johannes