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DivvyDiary iOS app in the App Store

From now on you can find DivvyDiary directly in the App Store for your iPhone and iPad.

We have wonderful news for all iOS users of DivvyDiary: From now on you can download DivvyDiary directly in the App Store and use it on your iPhone and iPad.

Our iOS app has the same feature set as our existing Android app and web app. This means that DivvyDiary is finally available on all three major platforms - which we are really happy about after exhausting weeks of intensive work.

If you like the iOS app, please support us with a positive review in the App Store.

Unfortunately, the iOS app has also presented us with new challenges regarding the price of our Aristocrat subscription. These are:

  • Apple limits the possible prices to a prescribed selection.
  • The fees in the App Store are significantly higher than the fees on the web and on Android.

We quickly decided that we wanted to offer a uniform price across all platforms to avoid confusion and unfairness between platforms.

Preferably, we would have stuck with a flat amount, as we're really not fans of the unwieldy x.99 prices. Unfortunately, Apple only gave us those exact x.99 prices to choose from, so it was with a heavy heart, considering the higher fees, that we decided on a new price for the Aristocrats subscription of 5.99€ per month or 64.99€ per year (previously 5.00€ per month or 55.00€ per year) on all platforms.

Important: Existing Aristocrats will keep their current price. So this is not a price increase for existing Aristocrats.

We hope that you can understand our decision against the background described above. As hard as the decision was for us, we feel that with the current and uniform price level we are well positioned for the coming years to be able to sustainably make our contribution to strengthening the shareholder culture with DivvyDiary - only thanks to our Aristocrats, without external funders and with full and exclusive focus on creating the greatest possible added value for every DivvyDiary user.

Thanks to our aristocrats we were able to hire our first employee Stefan in the middle of the year, who is doing an excellent job in the further development of DivvyDiary. You have surely noticed the quality and speed with which we were able to provide new functionalities for our scrimpers and aristocrats in the last months.

We have ambitious plans for DivvyDiary and would like to build up a larger team bit by bit with growing aristocrat numbers to let these plans become reality for you as soon as possible.

Further good dividend yields wish you

Max & Johannes