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Sector drilldown

Drill down the securities in your portfolio and your dividend income by sector.

We have once again added a powerful new feature to our pie charts for the allocation of your portfolio and your dividend income: the Sector Drilldown.

With the sector drilldown you have the possibility to visualize and evaluate the securities within a sector - to "look inside" a sector.

For example, you can see at a glance which securities are assigned to the sector Information Technology, what share these securities make up in the cost value and current value of your portfolio and what share these securities contribute to the dividend income of your portfolio.

Sector drilldown of dividend income

The sector drilldown is exclusively available to our Aristocrats, who enable the active development of DivvyDiary with their membership.

If you are not yet an aristocrat, you can also test the sector drilldown of the dividend income and the portfolio in our Live Demo Portfolio.

Further good dividend income wish you

Max & Johannes