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Portfolio filter and custom portfolio combination

All key figures for filtered sections of your portfolios - any combination.

We have implemented a new filter option that gives you a variety of new evaluations and key figures for your portfolios.

Here are some examples of new, exciting evaluation options:

  • What is my personal dividend yield by security type? (e.g. only stocks or only ETFs)?
  • What is my personal dividend yield of only distributing securities?
  • What is the distribution by country and sector of only the equity portion of my portfolio?

Filters for the portfolio analysis

In addition, with the new filters you have the possibility to view any combination of portfolios aggregated in the portfolio overview "All portfolios". For example, only two of three portfolios in combination. This is especially useful if you use one of your portfolios as a watchlist.

We hope that the new functions will give you an exciting new insight into the dividend figures of your portfolios.

Further good dividend yields wish you

Max & Johannes