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Enhanced dividend analyses

New central menu for dividend settings and new setting "Currency adjusted".

We have improved the Dividend tab of your portfolio so that you can access your dividend settings at any time. We are also introducing a new setting Currency adjusted.

In the new central settings menu you can change the 3 settings

  • Backtesting
  • New: Currency adjusted and
  • Taxes

with one click.

New central menu for dividend settings and new currency-adjusted setting

The button for the new settings menu is firmly anchored at the bottom right of the screen so that you can access all settings in the Dividends tab at any time without scrolling.

These settings apply to all analyses in the Dividends tab:

  • Dividend Cash Flow
  • Allocation of Your Dividends
  • Dividend Matrix and
  • Dividends Overview.

This means that these four dividend analyses are now optionally also available currency-adjusted.

We wish you further good dividend yields

Max & Johannes