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Newsletter September 2020

DivvyDiary is turning out the lights and we thought this is an excellent occasion for our second newsletter.

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Hello darkness, my old friend (Dark Mode).

We're turning out the lights, but don't worry. DivvyDiary will still be around, of course! The days are slowly but surely getting shorter again and so that you can keep an eye on your dividends even in the darkness, we have great news: DivvyDiary now also offers a Dark Mode! Just click on the sun icon in the top right corner of the navigation bar to switch between the light and dark appearance of DivvyDiary. Do you like the light or the dark version of DivvyDiary better? Feel free to send us a quick feedback via email.

We are over 6,500 dividend fans.

You guys are awesome. At the time of our last newsletter in July, we were still 3,500 dividend fans and today we're already over 6,500. That's 3,000 new dividend fans that have joined us in less than two months. All because you diligently recommend us to others. That is the biggest praise for us, if you like DivvyDiary so much that you tell your friends and acquaintances about it. We are very thankful to each and every one of you! So each of you contributes to the strengthening of the shareholder culture in Germany! Fun Fact: Over 2,000 of you are active on DivvyDiary every day, and over 4,000 every week.

Six good-hearted people already support us via Patreon

As you know, DivvyDiary is completely free. The wonderful people Andre, Stefan, Reinhard, Johannes, Michael and Andreas already support us on Patreon with a monthly amount of their choice and thus contribute to the continued existence of DivvyDiary. For this we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

We wish you further numerous dividend yields!

Best regards

Max & Johannes