Dividend Calendar February 10, 2021

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All 64 dividends with pay date on

SecurityEx-DatePay DateDiv.%Amount
American Express Co1.20%$0.43
Carrier Global Corp Ordinary Shares1.42%$0.12
Grupo Catalana Occidente SA6.15%€0.16
Saratoga Investment Corp12.70%$0.42
Dividend 15 Split Corp Class A23.53%CA$0.10
Canadian Banc Corp Class A16.33%CA$0.07
Albertsons Companies Inc Class A2.37%$0.10
DNP Select Income Fund8.84%$0.07
Financial 15 Split Corp Shs -A- 1.12.2018.81%CA$0.13
North American Financial 15 Split Corp Shs -A- 2004-1.12.1925.24%CA$0.11
Canadian Banc Corp Pfd Registered Shs 2005-1.12.18 Fltg Rt7.95%CA$0.04
Dividend 15 Split Corp II Shs -A- 2006-1.12.1917.39%CA$0.10
Capital Product Partners LP3.58%$0.10
Horizons Gold Producer Equity Covered Call ETF10.82%CA$0.17
Dividend 15 Split Corp Pfd Shs 2004-$0.05
Horizons Canadian Oil and Gas Equity Covered Call ETF13.47%CA$0.02
VSE Corp0.52%$0.09
Volati AB6.51%SEK 30.80
Akelius Residential Property AB Ordinary Shares Series D5.93%€0.03
Canadian Life Companies Split Corp Pfd Shs7.95%CA$0.05
Dividend Select 15 Corp Equity Shs 2010-1.12.1710.43%CA$0.05
Fraser and Neave Ltd5.34%SGD 0.04
Horizons Gold Yield ETF Common5.70%CA$0.03
The Goldman Sachs Group Inc DR6.77%$0.26
The Goldman Sachs Group Inc Repr 1/1000th Flt Rt Non-Cum Pfd Series -C-6.80%$0.26
Carmignac Portfolio Patrimoine Income A4.85%€0.35
Financial 15 Split Corp9.06%CA$0.06
Frasers Property Ltd5.56%SGD 0.02
North American Financial 15 Split Corp Pfd Registered Shs 2004-$0.06
Prime Dividend Corp Cum Pfd Registered Shs -A- 2005-$0.04
Sprague Resources LP0.00%$0.67
The Goldman Sachs Group Inc DR6.79%$0.24
The Goldman Sachs Group Inc DR6.29%$0.40
The Goldman Sachs Group Inc DR5.02%$0.34
Amundi Money Market Fund - Short Term (USD) IC-D5.14%$0.00
Brewin Dolphin Holdings PLC0.00%£0.10
Commerce Split Corp Pfd Shs -I- 2010-$0.03
Commerce Split Corp Pfd Shs -II- 2010-$0.03
Dividend 15 Split Corp II 5 1/4 % Pfd Shs 2006-$0.05
Eco World Development Group Bhd5.63%MYR 0.02
FIBRA HD Services SC CPO0.00%MX$0.01
Horizons Active Cdn Bond ETF Common3.10%CA$0.02
Horizons Active Cdn Municipal Bond ETF E3.00%CA$0.02
Horizons Active Corporate Bond ETF Common3.92%CA$0.03
Horizons Active Floating Rate Senior Loan ETF Class E6.72%CA$0.02
Horizons Active Global Fixed Income ETF5.41%CA$0.02
Horizons Active High Yield Bond ETF Common6.55%CA$0.05
Horizons Active Preferred Share ETF Common4.94%CA$0.04
Horizons Active Ultra-Short Term Investment Grade Bond ETF5.54%CA$0.02
Horizons Active Ultra-Short Term US Investment Grade Bond ETF4.75%$0.02
Horizons Enhanced Income Energy ETF (CAD)13.67%CA$0.02
Horizons Enhanced Income Equity ETF (CAD)10.02%CA$0.03
Horizons Enhanced Income Financials ETF (CAD)12.26%CA$0.04
Horizons Enhanced Income Gold Producers ETF (CAD)10.48%CA$0.17
Horizons Tactical Absolute Return Bond ETF Dividend Series Shares5.05%CA$0.04
Intellex Co Ltd3.10%¥11
Jemtec Inc0.00%CA$0.25
LIKE Inc3.40%¥15
Mitachi Co Ltd3.56%¥10
Ohio Valley Banc Corporation3.74%$0.21
Oomitsu Co Ltd1.73%¥5
Prime Dividend Corp Registered Shs -A- 2005-$0.06
TDb Split Corp A20.07%CA$0.05
TDb Split Corp Priority Equity Shs 2007-$0.04

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