Dividend Calendar June 14, 2024

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All 54 dividends with pay date on

SecurityEx-DatePay DateDiv.%Amount
Main Street Capital Corp6.10%$0.24
Porsche Automobil Holding SE Vorz-Inhaber-Akt stimmrechtslos5.19%€2.56
Bechtle AG1.54%€0.70
Dow Inc4.96%$0.70
Tyson Foods Inc Class A3.33%$0.49
Consolidated Edison Inc3.65%$0.83
Cintas Corp0.81%$1.35
SAF Holland SE4.39%€0.85
Horizon Technology Finance Corp11.61%$0.11
Stellus Capital Investment Corp BDC11.65%$0.13
Royalty Pharma PLC Class A3.07%$0.21
Interactive Brokers Group Inc Class A0.90%$0.25
Frequentis AG Ordinary Shares0.92%€0.24
Pershing Square Holdings Ord1.24%$0.15
AIA Group Ltd4.98%HK$1.19
Burford Capital Ltd0.81%$0.06
CBo Territoria SA6.49%€0.24
Shanghai Industrial Holdings Ltd8.87%HK$0.52
China Hongqiao Group Ltd5.94%HK$0.29
Giordano International Ltd14.21%HK$0.14
Hang Lung Properties Ltd9.62%HK$0.60
Bank of Cyprus Holdings PLC7.10%€0.25
China Everbright Ltd5.15%HK$0.10
Brunel International NV5.51%€0.55
Petershill Partners PLC6.86%$0.10
Shangri-La Asia Ltd5.60%HK$0.15
Air Liquide SA ADR1.73%$0.68
China Tobacco International (HK) Co Ltd3.08%HK$0.32
FRP Advisory Group PLC Ordinary Shares3.97%£0.01
Jiashili Group Ltd Shs Reg S6.71%HK$0.10
Odlewnie Polskie SA5.06%PLN 0.50
APT Satellite Holdings Ltd9.11%HK$0.15
Bar Harbor Bankshares Inc4.69%$0.30
Campine NV4.26%€3.00
James Halstead PLC4.19%£0.03
Mex Polska SA6.00%PLN 0.27
Miko NV3.40%€1.87
Stingray Group Inc Shs Subord Voting4.05%CA$0.08
Adjuvant Holdings Co Ltd5.50%¥12
Aptitude Software Group PLC1.76%£0.04
D&G Technology Holding Co Ltd9.33%HK$0.07
Dufu Technology Corp Bhd1.64%MYR 0.02
Hang Lung Group Ltd9.75%HK$0.65
Mesa Laboratories Inc0.64%$0.16
Midwich Group PLC3.84%£0.11
Mincon Group PLC4.29%€0.01
Modern Living Investments Holdings Ltd Shs Reg S1.79%HK$0.01
Ocean Wilsons Holdings Ltd4.92%$0.85
Shineroad International Holdings Ltd Ordinary Shares3.75%HK$0.02
Stingray Group Inc Shs Variable Subord Voting4.07%CA$0.08
Town Centre Securities PLC3.53%£0.03
Tradelink Electronic Commerce Ltd10.99%HK$0.06
United Bancshares Inc4.81%$0.22
Zaif Breza DD4.17%€0.50

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  5. Tyson Foods Inc Class A pays dividend on .
  6. Consolidated Edison Inc pays dividend on .
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