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Improved security detail pages

Dividend history in desired currency, annual dividend growth (YoY) and similar securities.

We have added three new features to our security detail pages (e.g. for Unilever) to make it easier for you to analyze and discover exciting dividend stocks.

Dividend history in desired currency

From now on you can display the dividend history in the currency of your choice in addition to the original dividend currency. For example the Realty Income Dividend in Euro. This way you can see the effect of exchange rate fluctuations on the actual dividend paid over time.

Annual Dividend Growth (YoY).

The dividend history is now grouped by year. So you can see the annual dividend growth (YoY) at a glance and easily expand and collapse the dividend years.

Similar securities

For each security, we now also show you similar securities on the security details page, which are often represented together in one portfolio.

Further good dividend yields wish you

Max & Johannes