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Newsletter July 2022

Dividends as a constant in a volatile market environment.

Our last newsletter in October 2021 is already three quarters of a year ago.

As you are used to from us, we have not been idle during this time, but have been busy working on new features.

Here is an overview of the features we have developed for you in the last 9 months. Details about each feature can be found in the linked blog posts. In our Blog you will always be the first to know when we have released a new feature.

In addition, we maintain new securities every day, so that you can now find reliable dividend ratios for over 30,000 securities (stocks, ETFs, funds, CEFs, preferred shares...) on DivvyDiary.

Some of the new features are exclusively available to our Aristocrat members, whose membership enables the active development of DivvyDiary in the first place.

If you are not an Aristocrat yet and would like to test the Aristocrat membership, we will give you your first month for free with the promo code NEWSLETTER22 (valid until 08/31/2022). If the Aristocrats membership doesn't convince you, you can cancel it online at any time with one click at the end of the free month.

As you surely know, there are no investors or other financial backers behind DivvyDiary, but still only us two founders Max & Johannes and meanwhile our first employee Stefan, who actively supports us with the implementation of new features. You can read everything about the team behind DivvyDiary and our values on our About Us Page.

Of course we understand that not everyone has or wants to raise the financial means to support DivvyDiary monetarily. That's why we are still happy to offer our free Scrimper version of DivvyDiary.

If you want to support us in other ways, here are a few ideas on how you can help DivvyDiary without pulling out your credit card. 😊

  • Give us feedback: Email us at info@divvydiary.com to tell us what you like about DivvyDiary and feel free to tell us what you don't like. Your praise is the best motivation for us and your criticism the best opportunity for us to make DivvyDiary even better.
  • Recommend us: Make your friends and acquaintances aware of DivvyDiary.
  • Follow us on social media: Follow us on Instagram and Twitter and help us attract new users to DivvyDiary with a wider reach.
  • Rate us on Google Play Store: Leave an honest review on the Google Play Store to give potential new users a good first impression of DivvyDiary.

And the most important thing to finish: In the current market phase, it is not easy to keep a cool head and follow your investment strategy consistently. Many users write to us that looking at DivvyDiary every day helps them to stay cool even during volatile prices, because they see dividends as a constant. We are very proud to be able to make this positive contribution to long-term wealth creation with DivvyDiary.

We wish you continued numerous dividend income!

Best regards

Max & Johannes