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Newsletter October 2021

From hobby project to first paid employee.

When we - Max and Johannes - launched DivvyDiary in April last year, our incentive was to create a tool with which every user can intuitively view and plan his personal, future dividends. Unfortunately, we were looking for such a function at our custodian banks in vain. Also, from the beginning, our main focus was to make sure that the displayed dividend data is correct, complete and reliable.

Today DivvyDiary is much more than a simple tool to display future dividends. We are constantly integrating new features that provide you with individual metrics for your portfolio and metrics for all 21,000+ securities maintained on DivvyDiary.

Since our launch of Aristocrat Membership in May 2021, we have already implemented seven new features: Tax Rates and Net Dividends, Calendar Export (iCal), New Security Filters, Stock Split Display, Dividend Yield and Dividend Growth Metrics, Stock Price and Allocation, and Securities Account Value and Annual Dividend.

However, the main work actually takes place behind the scenes: Constantly improving the quality of our dividend data and adding new securities to our database. We are not aware of any other service that provides dividend data of comparable quality on over 21,000 securities worldwide.

We continue to receive feedback from users who now primarily use DivvyDiary to review and discover dividend metrics and have been able to cancel costly memberships to other services with monthly fees in the mid-double digits as a result.

This not only makes us incredibly proud, but also shows us that DivvyDiary has enormous potential to offer even more added value to all users in the future and to make a significant contribution to strengthening the shareholder culture in Germany.

Our to-do list of planned new features grows and grows and since we already put every free minute into DivvyDiary, we unfortunately can't tap the full potential in our spare time alone.

Therefore we decided to hire the first paid employee for DivvyDiary.

This is a big step and we are sure that every DivvyDiary user understands that this also means higher costs for us. So the simple formula "no results without investment" applies to us as well.

To be able to make this investment in DivvyDiary sustainable and to enable further growth, we will adjust the prices for new Aristocrats memberships to 5€ per month or 55€ per year from 01.12.2021.

Important: Existing Aristocrats who have taken out Aristocrat membership before 01.12.2021 will keep the old price of 3€ per month or 33€ per year for life, as long as the membership continues uninterrupted.

Thus, even previous loyal "Sparfuchs" users still have the opportunity to secure the old price by taking out the Aristokraten membership before 01.12.2021.

It is therefore not a price increase for existing Aristocrats. This is very important to us, as we want to reward our loyal users for their early support by keeping the lower price.

Our announcement has now become longer than expected after all. While writing it, we realized once again how grateful we are for every user - no matter if you are a thrifty or an aristocrat - and how important transparency towards you is to us.

We hope you can understand our next steps for the sustainable development of DivvyDiary by our explanations. We are looking forward to provide you with even more relevant information about dividends in the future and to extend DivvyDiary with numerous functions.

We wish you further numerous dividend earnings!

Best regards

Max & Johannes