Dividend Calendar April 01, 2024

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All 339 dividends with pay date on

SecurityEx-DatePay DateDiv.%Amount
Coca-Cola Co3.22%$0.49
PepsiCo Inc2.91%$1.27
Nike Inc Class B1.57%$0.37
Walmart Inc1.37%$0.21
Automatic Data Processing Inc2.30%$1.40
PennantPark Floating Rate Capital Ltd10.82%$0.10
UGI Corp5.83%$0.38
Albemarle Corp1.43%$0.40
FedEx Corp1.89%$1.26
TransAlta Corp2.70%CA$0.06
Dynex Capital Inc13.32%$0.13
Paramount Global Class B1.61%$0.05
Genuine Parts Co2.46%$1.00
Pennant Park Investment Corp11.98%$0.07
PPL Corp3.81%$0.26
PIMCO Dynamic Income Fund16.65%$0.22
Macy's Inc3.75%$0.17
PepsiCo Inc Cedear2.33%$0.07
McKesson Corp0.47%$0.62
Vornado Realty Trust3.12%$0.81
Brown-Forman Corp Registered Shs -B- Non Vtg1.78%$0.22
TELUS Corp6.88%CA$0.38
First Financial Bankshares Inc2.40%$0.18
Huntington Bancshares Inc4.67%$0.16
Allstate Corp2.13%$0.92
Paramount Global Class A0.88%$0.05
Nuveen NASDAQ 100 Dynamic Overwrite Fund8.05%$0.42
PIMCO Corporate and Income Opportunity Fund10.40%$0.12
Baxter International Inc2.94%$0.29
C.H. Robinson Worldwide Inc3.43%$0.61
Comerica Inc5.51%$0.71
United Bankshares Inc4.34%$0.37
PIMCO Dynamic Income Opportunities Fund14.21%$0.13
Regions Financial Corp5.08%$0.24
XAI Octagon Floating Rate & Alternative Income Trust15.72%$0.09
Amkor Technology Inc1.11%$0.08
Textron Inc0.09%$0.02
Community Trust Bancorp Inc4.40%$0.46
Northern Trust Corp3.68%$0.75
Baytex Energy Corp1.80%CA$0.02
Crescent Point Energy Corp3.85%CA$0.12
Fidelity Funds - Global Dividend Fund A-MINCOME(G)-EUR2.76%€0.05
New Jersey Resources Corp3.87%$0.42
Imperial Oil Ltd2.51%CA$0.60
ITT Inc1.02%$0.32
Brown-Forman Corp Class A1.73%$0.22
Nuveen Preferred & Income Opportunities Fund8.32%$0.05
Avangrid Inc4.77%$0.44
First Horizon Corp4.10%$0.15
MDU Resources Group Inc2.08%$0.13
Phillips Edison & Co Inc3.54%$0.10
Siemens Qualität & Dividende Europa3.06%€0.45
Bank Bradesco SA1.75%R$0.02
PIMCO Income Strategy Fund11.99%$0.08
PIMCO Corporate & Income Strategy Fund10.01%$0.11
The Cato Corp Class A13.49%$0.17
Nuveen Floating Rate Income Fund11.89%$0.09
Banc of California Inc2.89%$0.10
Paramount Global 5.75% PRF CONVERT 01/04/2024 USD 10041.85%$1.44
PIMCO Income Strategy Fund II12.03%$0.07
Telephone and Data Systems Inc 6% PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 - Ser VV 1/1,000 int9.90%$0.38
Allspring Global Dividend Opportunity Fund11.30%$0.11
Chimera Investment Corp8.29%$0.50
Greif Inc Class A3.39%$0.52
UMB Financial Corp1.92%$0.39
Western Asset Emerging Markets Debt Fund Inc11.32%$0.08
Nuveen Global High Income Fund11.93%$0.10
Nuveen Preferred & Income Term Fund7.07%$0.10
PIMCO High Income Fund12.15%$0.05
Nuveen Credit Strategies Income Fund11.98%$0.05
Tegna Inc3.29%$0.11
Western Asset High Income Fund II13.46%$0.05
Barings Global Short Duration High Yield Fund10.49%$0.11
BrandywineGLOBAL – Global Income Opportunities Fund13.54%$0.08
Chimera Investment Corp 8 % Cum Red Pfd Registered Shs Series -A-9.73%$0.50
Chimera Investment Corp Series C9.29%$0.48
Highland Opportunities and Income Fund 5.375% PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 - Ser A7.90%$0.34
PIMCO Access Income Fund13.94%$0.15
Valley National Bancorp5.71%$0.11
BlackRock Municipal Income Trust6.02%$0.05
BNY Mellon High Yield Strategies Fund9.13%$0.02
GasLog Ltd Cum Red Perp Pfd Shs Series -A-8.64%$0.55
Loblaw Companies Ltd1.20%CA$0.45
NewMarket Corp1.71%$2.50
Nuveen Real Asset Income and Growth Fund10.44%$0.10
PCM Fund11.47%$0.08
Prosperity Bancshares Inc3.69%$0.56
Unipar Carbocloro SA Class B4.93%R$1.34
Western Asset Diversified Income Fund13.45%$0.14
Allspring Multi-Sector Income Fund8.89%$0.07
Altius Minerals Corp1.49%CA$0.08
Fidelity Funds - Global Equity Income Fund A-MINCOME(G)-EUR1.89%€0.03
George Weston Ltd1.60%CA$0.71
Nuveen Core Equity Alpha Fund10.47%$0.32
Nuveen Core Plus Impact Fund11.28%$0.09
Nuveen Dow 30 Dynamic Overwrite Fund8.36%$0.29
Pathward Financial Inc0.40%$0.05
Synovus Financial Corp4.35%$0.38
Athene Holding Ltd PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 - Ser D 1/1000th Int6.98%$0.30
Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises Inc 7.75% PFS PERPETUAL USD 2518.31%$0.48
Chimera Investment Corp Cum Red Pfd Registered Shs Series -B-8.13%$0.50
Greif Inc Class B4.97%$0.78
Itau Unibanco Holding SA0.67%R$0.02
Popular Inc2.98%$0.62
Siemens Qualität & Dividende USA1.38%€0.26
Simmons First National Corp Class A4.57%$0.21
Wahed FTSE USA Shariah ETF0.58%$0.03
WESCO International Inc 10.625% PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 - Ser A 1/1000 Dep Sh10.07%$0.66
-1x Short VIX Mid-Term Futures Strategy ETF6.75%$0.49
AAM S&P 500 High Dividend Value ETF3.94%$0.10
Allspring Income Opportunities Fund9.82%$0.05
Aspen Insurance Holdings Ltd7.23%$0.35
BlackRock Municipal 2030 Target Term2.73%$0.05
Coca-Cola Co Cedear2.59%$0.10
Fidelity Funds - China High Yield Fund A-MG-EUR(EUR/USD hdg)7.80%€0.03
Fidelity High Yield Factor ETF6.27%$0.26
Fleury SA1.05%R$0.15
Horizon Kinetics Inflation Beneficiaries ETF1.66%$0.16
Merchants Bancorp0.92%$0.09
Northern Trust Corp Series E5.67%$0.29
Nuveen Real Estate Income Fund9.51%$0.17
Nuveen S&P 500 Buy-Write Income Fund7.59%$0.24
PIMCO Dynamic Income Strategy Fund3.34%$0.26
PIMCO Global StocksPLUS and Income Fund11.46%$0.07
Popular Capital Trust II 6.125 % Cumulative Monthly Income Pfd Secs 2004-2034 Based on Debs 34 Popul6.09%$0.13
Putnam Premier Income Trust9.02%$0.03
Telephone and Data Systems Inc 6.625% PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 - 1/1000 Int Ser UU7.02%$0.41
Tri-Continental Corporation3.69%$0.26
Wahed Dow Jones Islamic World ETF1.09%$0.06
Walmart Inc Cedear1.09%$0.01
Wesbanco Inc5.08%$0.36
Western Asset Global High Income Fund12.35%$0.07
Western Asset High Income Opportunity Fund Inc.11.36%$0.04
Western Asset Mortgage Opportunity Fund Inc12.99%$0.13
AAM S&P Emerging Markets High Dividend Value ETF9.40%$0.12
AstraZeneca PLC BRDR2.01%R$0.80
Athene Holding Ltd FXDFR PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 - Ser A 1/1000 Int Dep6.76%$0.40
BlackRock MuniHoldings New Jersey Quality Fund, Inc.5.38%$0.05
BNY Mellon Municipal Bond Infrastructure Fund, Inc.3.60%$0.03
Cadence Bank3.68%$0.25
Ellington Financial Inc 8.25% PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 - Ser E8.20%$0.52
Fidelity Funds - Asia Pacific Dividend Fund A-MINCOME(G)-USD4.36%$0.05
Fidelity Funds - European Dividend Fund A-MINCOME(G)-EUR3.44%€0.04
Fidelity Funds - Global High Yield Fund A-MINCOME-EUR (hedged)5.39%€0.03
Fidelity Government Cash Reserves4.58%$0.00
FTGF Brandywine Global Income Optimiser Fund Class A Euro Distributing (M) (Hedged) Plus (e)6.67%€0.42
Hecla Mining Co $3.50 Series B Cumulative Convertible Preferred Stock6.63%$0.88
Imperial Petroleum Inc 8.75% PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 - Series A9.11%$0.55
InfraCap Equity Income Fund ETF9.07%$0.18
Link Parks Inc PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 Dp ShRp 1/1000 Ser Z9.63%$0.30
LMP Capital and Income Fund Inc9.46%$0.11
Merchants Bancorp FXDFR PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 - Ser D Dp sh 1/40th8.06%$0.52
Mid-America Apartment Communities Inc Series I7.67%$1.06
Nuveen AMT-Free Municipal Credit Income Fund5.98%$0.06
Nuveen Dynamic Municipal Opportunities7.92%$0.06
Nuveen Mortgage and Income Fund10.92%$0.14
Nuveen Multi-Asset Income Fund11.30%$0.40
Nuveen Municipal High Income Opportunity Fund5.60%$0.05
Nuveen Pennsylvania Quality Municipal Income Fund4.75%$0.05
Nuveen S&P 500 Dynamic Overwrite Fund7.89%$0.29
Oil Refineries Ltd21.32%$0.05
PIMCO Strategic Income Fund10.91%$0.05
Putnam Managed Municipal Income Trust4.84%$0.02
Putnam Master Intermediate Income Trust8.52%$0.02
Sachem Capital Corp. 6.00% Notes due 20275.19%$0.38
Sachem Capital Corp. 7.125% Notes due 20245.35%$0.45
Stock Yards Bancorp Inc2.65%$0.30
Universal Logistics Holdings Inc1.26%$0.11
Vanguard Federal Money Market Fund Investor Shares4.86%$0.00
Vornado Realty Trust 5.25 % Cum Perp Red Pfd Registered Shs Series -M-8.87%$0.33
Vornado Realty Trust Cum Red Pfd Shs Series -L-8.94%$0.34
Western Asset High Yield Defined Opportunity Fund10.17%$0.10
5% Brookfield Infr.Fin.ULC Bds 24.05.81 Sub(111689 Vorzugsaktie5.56%$0.31
AAM Low Duration Preferred and Income Securities ETF7.39%$0.12
AAM S&P Developed Markets High Dividend Value ETF7.52%$0.11
AGF Global Infrastructure ETF2.60%$0.06
Allspring Utilities and High Income Fund8.89%$0.06
Amundi Funds - Emerging Markets Local Currency Bond I2 EUR QD (D)7.38%€13.00
Amundi Funds - Global Subordinated Bond I2 EUR QD (D)3.16%€11.53
Amundi Funds - Strategic Bond I2 EUR QD (D)9.25%€20.44
Amundi Funds - Strategic Income I2 EUR QD (D)4.46%€12.85
Amundi Funds - Strategic Income I2 USD QD (D)4.53%$13.87
Amundi Money Market Fund - Short Term (USD) IC-D5.17%$0.00
Aspen Insurance Holdings Ltd 5.625% PRF PERPETUAL USD 257.23%$0.35
Athene Holding Ltd PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 - Ser C 1/1,000th Int6.43%$0.40
Athene Holding Ltd PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 Ser B 1/1000th Int6.88%$0.35
Bahl & Gaynor Small/Mid Cap Income Growth ETF1.85%$0.04
Banestes SA Banco Estado Espirito3.11%R$0.02
Banestes SA Banco Estado Espirito Pfd Shs4.76%R$0.02
Bank Bradesco SA1.71%R$0.02
BlackRock California Municipal Income Trust5.30%$0.05
BlackRock Investment Quality Municipal5.76%$0.06
BlackRock Long-Term Municipal Advantage Trust5.39%$0.04
BlackRock MuniAssets Fund6.04%$0.06
BlackRock Municipal Income Fund, Inc5.68%$0.06
BlackRock Municipal Income Quality Trust5.70%$0.05
BlackRock Municipal Income Trust II6.03%$0.05
BlackRock MuniHoldings California Quality Fund, Inc.5.45%$0.05
BlackRock MuniHoldings Fund Inc5.47%$0.05
BlackRock MuniHoldings New York Quality Fund, Inc.5.10%$0.04
BlackRock MuniHoldings Quality Fund II, Inc.5.55%$0.05
BlackRock MuniVest5.28%$0.03
BlackRock MuniVest Fund II5.82%$0.05
BlackRock MuniYield5.92%$0.05
BlackRock MuniYield Michigan Quality Fund, Inc.5.03%$0.05
BlackRock MuniYield New York Quality Fund, Inc.5.25%$0.04
BlackRock MuniYield Pennsylvania Quality Fund4.73%$0.05
BlackRock MuniYield Quality5.85%$0.06
BlackRock MuniYield Quality Fund III, Inc.6.07%$0.06
BlackRock MuniYield Quality II5.95%$0.05
BlackRock New York Municipal Income Trust5.00%$0.04
BlackRock Virginia Municipal Bond Trust4.39%$0.04
C&F Financial Corp4.76%$0.44
Caffyns PLC 11% PRF PERPETUAL GBP 1 - 11%924.37%£0.06
Cambria Cannabis ETF4.97%$0.06
Cambria Emerging Shareholder Yield ETF6.30%$0.21
Cambria Foreign Shareholder Yield ETF6.37%$0.22
Cambria Global Real Estate ETF7.78%$0.56
Cambria Global Tail Risk ETF2.21%$0.37
Cambria Global Value ETF6.51%$0.02
Cambria Shareholder Yield ETF2.43%$0.52
Cambria Tail Risk ETF4.58%$0.10
Cambria Value and Momentum ETF1.84%$0.06
Chemung Financial Corp2.85%$0.31
Cybozu Inc1.85%¥14
Dongnam Chemical Co Ltd3.21%₩500
Dundee Corp Cum 1st Pref Registered Shs Series -2-6.89%CA$0.33
Eagle Point Credit Co.Inc 6.75% Notes 21-31 (11066 Vorzugsaktie7.04%$0.42
eBay Inc Shs Unsponsored Brazilian Depository Receipts Repr 1/2 Sh1.43%R$0.47
El Paso Energy Capital Trust I 4.75 % Trust Conv Pfd Secs Series -C-3.85%$0.59
Entergy Mississippi LLC DL-Bonds 2016(21/66)5.67%$0.31
Federated Hermes Premier Municipal Inc3.81%$0.04
Fidelity Capital & Income Fund5.21%$0.04
Fidelity Corporate Bond ETF3.77%$0.16
Fidelity Flex Conservative Income Municipal Bond Fund3.08%$0.03
Fidelity Flex Municipal Income Fund2.58%$0.02
Fidelity Funds - Global Dividend Fund A-MINCOME(G)-USD2.76%$0.04
Fidelity Funds - Global Income Fund A-MDIST-USD4.30%$0.03
Fidelity Funds - Global Multi Asset Income Fund A-MINCOME(G)-USD6.15%$0.04
Fidelity Funds - Global Short Duration Income Fund A-MDIST-EUR4.45%€0.03
Fidelity Funds - Global Short Duration Income Fund A-MINCOME-EUR3.67%€0.03
Fidelity Funds - Sustainable Strategic Bond Fund A-GMDIST-EUR (hedged)4.11%€0.02
Fidelity Investment Grade Bond ETF3.86%$0.14
Fidelity Investment Grade Securitized ETF3.59%$0.12
Fidelity Limited Term Bond ETF3.18%$0.16
Fidelity Low Duration Bond Factor ETF5.23%$0.22
Fidelity Preferred Securities & Income ETF5.01%$0.09
Fidelity Total Bond ETF4.36%$0.17
Fifth Third Bancorp 4.95% PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 - Ser K Rp1/1000th5.73%$0.31
Fifth Third Bancorp 6% PRF PERPETUAL USD 1000 - Sr A Rp 1/40 Dp Cl B6.41%$0.38
Fifth Third Bancorp Deposit Shs Repr 1/1000th Non-Cum Perp Pfd Shs Series -I-9.31%$0.59
First American Government Obligations Fund Class X4.79%$0.00
First US Bancshares Inc2.08%$0.05
Guomai Culture & Media Co Ltd Class A0.38%CN¥0.10
Harbour-Link Group Bhd5.00%MYR 0.03
Hawthorn Bancshares Inc3.44%$0.17
Housei Inc1.25%¥3
Impact Shares NAACP Minority Empowerment ETF1.23%$0.11
Impact Shares YWCA Women's Empowerment ETF2.57%$0.08
Innovator S&P Investment Grade Preferred ETF5.87%$0.09
Invesco Premier U.S. Government Money Portfolio Institutional Class4.83%$0.00
Invesco Short-Term Investments Trust Government & Agency Portfolio Institutional Class4.84%$0.00
iShares Russell 1000 Large-Cap Index Fund Institutional Shares1.30%$0.10
Itau Unibanco Holding SA Ordinary Shares1.59%R$0.02
Itausa Investimentos ITAU SA0.99%R$0.02
Itausa Investimentos ITAU SA0.98%R$0.02
Link Parks Inc 5.20% PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 - Ser Y10.16%$0.33
M Dias Branco SA Industria e Comercio de Alimentos0.70%R$0.42
MainStreet Bancshares Inc 7.50% PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 - Ser A 1/40th Int8.24%$0.47
Medallion Bank8.05%$0.50
Meitav Investments House Ltd13.56%₪0.57
Merchants Bancorp 6% PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 - Ser C 1/40th Int7.75%$0.38
Merchants Bancorp Depositary Shares, each representing a 1/40th interest in a share of Ser B Pref St6.15%$0.38
Merchants Bancorp Series A7.00%$0.44
MFS Government Securities Fund Class R63.52%$0.03
Midland States Bancorp Inc FXDFR PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 - Ser A 1/40 Int Dep7.75%$0.48
NexPoint Diversified Real Estate Trust PRF.A9.02%$0.34
Nuveen AMT-Free Municipal Value Fund4.01%$0.04
Nuveen AMT-Free Quality Muni Inc5.68%$0.05
Nuveen Arizona Quality Municipal Income Fund4.78%$0.04
Nuveen California AMT- Free Quality Municipal Income Fund5.11%$0.05
Nuveen California Municipal Value Fund4.02%$0.03
Nuveen California Quality Municipal Income Fund5.47%$0.05
Nuveen California Select Tax-Free Income Portfolio4.25%$0.05
Nuveen Massachusetts Quality Municipal Income Fund4.74%$0.04
Nuveen Minnesota Quality Municipal Income Fund4.62%$0.05
Nuveen Missouri Quality Municipal Income Fund4.77%$0.04
Nuveen Multi-Market Income Fund5.65%$0.03
Nuveen Municipal Credit Income Fund5.87%$0.06
Nuveen Municipal Credit Opps Fund5.91%$0.05
Nuveen Municipal Income4.72%$0.04
Nuveen Municipal Value Fund4.09%$0.03
Nuveen New Jersey Quality Municipal Income Fund4.73%$0.05
Nuveen New York AMT - Free Quality Municipal Income Fund5.25%$0.05
Nuveen New York Municipal Value Fund4.10%$0.03
Nuveen New York Quality Municipal Income Fund5.44%$0.05
Nuveen New York Select Tax-Free Income Fund4.27%$0.04
Nuveen Quality Muni Income Fund5.69%$0.05
Nuveen Select Maturities Municipal Fund3.51%$0.03
Nuveen Select Tax-Free Income Portfolio4.15%$0.05
Nuveen Taxable Municipal Income Fund5.93%$0.07
Nuveen Variable Rate Preferred & Income Fund8.50%$0.12
Nuveen Virginia Quality Municipal Income Fund5.09%$0.05
Obeikan Glass Co4.19%SAR 2.00
Opal Dividend Income ETF4.44%$0.15
Optimax Holdings Bhd Ordinary Shares3.75%MYR 0.01
Pacer Metaurus US Large Cap Dividend Multiplier 400 ETF3.77%$0.51
PIMCO California Municipal Income Fund4.74%$0.04
PIMCO California Municipal Income Fund II4.40%$0.02
PIMCO California Municipal Income Fund III5.06%$0.03
PIMCO Municipal Income Fund5.65%$0.04
PIMCO Municipal Income Fund II5.71%$0.04
PIMCO Municipal Income Fund III5.46%$0.03
PIMCO New York Municipal Income Fund5.37%$0.03
PIMCO New York Municipal Income Fund II4.94%$0.03
PIMCO New York Municipal Income Fund III5.18%$0.02
Pioneer Municipal High Income Advantage Fund, Inc.4.99%$0.03
Putnam Municipal Opportunities Trust4.28%$0.04
Siemens Euroinvest Corporates1.46%€0.17
Tapestry Inc ADR2.26%R$1.22
Terra Property Trust, Inc. 6.00% Notes due 20269.35%$0.38
Theeb Car Rental Co2.38%SAR 0.41
Trustco Bank Corp N Y5.35%$0.36
TS Corp3.80%₩115
TS Corp Pfd Shs Non-Voting4.33%₩120
TWC Enterprises Ltd1.77%CA$0.08
Unipar Carbocloro SA4.46%R$1.23
Unipar Carbocloro SA Class A4.77%R$1.34
Valley National Bancorp Non-Cum Perp Pfd Shs Series -A-7.21%$0.39
Vanguard Total Bond Market Index Fund Admiral Shares3.16%$0.03
Western Asset Global Corporate Defined Opportunity Fund10.69%$0.10
Western Asset Intermediate Municipal Fund6.51%$0.04
Western Asset Inv Grade Income Fund Inc4.89%$0.05
Western Asset Investment Grade Defined Opportunity Trust Inc.5.33%$0.07
Western Asset Managed Municipals Portfolio6.57%$0.05
Western Asset Municipal High Income Fund Inc6.00%$0.03
Western Asset Premier Bond Fund7.79%$0.07
Williams Companies Inc BRDR3.33%R$1.66
WR Berkley Corp 5.70% SUBORDINATED DEBENTURES DUE 20584.58%$0.36

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Who pays dividend ?

The 7 most popular dividend stocks with pay date

  1. Coca-Cola Co pays dividend on .
  2. PepsiCo Inc pays dividend on .
  3. Nike Inc Class B pays dividend on .
  4. Walmart Inc pays dividend on .
  5. Automatic Data Processing Inc pays dividend on .
  6. PennantPark Floating Rate Capital Ltd pays dividend on .
  7. UGI Corp pays dividend on .

The 7 most popular dividend ETFs with pay date

  1. Wahed FTSE USA Shariah ETF pays dividend on .
  2. -1x Short VIX Mid-Term Futures Strategy ETF pays dividend on .
  3. AAM S&P 500 High Dividend Value ETF pays dividend on .
  4. Fidelity High Yield Factor ETF pays dividend on .
  5. Horizon Kinetics Inflation Beneficiaries ETF pays dividend on .
  6. Wahed Dow Jones Islamic World ETF pays dividend on .
  7. AAM S&P Emerging Markets High Dividend Value ETF pays dividend on .

The 7 most popular dividend funds with pay date

  1. Fidelity Funds - Global Dividend Fund A-MINCOME(G)-EUR pays dividend on .
  2. Siemens Qualität & Dividende Europa pays dividend on .
  3. Fidelity Funds - Global Equity Income Fund A-MINCOME(G)-EUR pays dividend on .
  4. Siemens Qualität & Dividende USA pays dividend on .
  5. Fidelity Funds - China High Yield Fund A-MG-EUR(EUR/USD hdg) pays dividend on .
  6. Fidelity Funds - Asia Pacific Dividend Fund A-MINCOME(G)-USD pays dividend on .
  7. Fidelity Funds - European Dividend Fund A-MINCOME(G)-EUR pays dividend on .