Dividend Calendar June 05, 2024

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All 33 dividends with pay date on

SecurityEx-DatePay DateDiv.%Amount
Glencore PLC2.17%$0.07
Marubeni Corp3.17%¥42
Amundi SA6.42%€4.10
Solvay SA5.29%€0.81
Ecora Resources PLC8.08%$0.02
SEB SA2.38%€2.62
Getlink SE Act. Provenant Regroupement3.54%€0.55
Boiron SA4.01%€1.35
Nrj Group4.38%€0.34
Sabre Insurance Group PLC3.00%£0.04
China Feihe Ltd Ordinary Shares7.20%HK$0.15
Thurgauer Kantonalbank2.62%CHF 3.30
Emak SpA4.25%€0.05
Kerry Properties Ltd9.66%HK$0.95
Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing Ltd5.30%HK$0.06
Carr's Group PLC6.04%£0.02
Genuit Group PLC2.86%£0.08
Porvair PLC0.98%£0.04
Conagra Brands Inc BRDR3.59%R$1.24
Epwin Group PLC5.58%£0.03
Fine Foods & Pharmaceuticals NTM SpA1.43%€0.12
Lee & Man Chemical Co Ltd5.99%HK$0.14
NAOS Small Cap Opportunities Company Limited8.20%A$0.01
Afyon Cimento Sanayii TAS2.76%TRY 0.40
B.F. SpA1.24%€0.04
Greenthesis SpA1.35%€0.03
Indel B SpA3.57%€0.80
Naos EX-50 Opportunities Company Ltd8.39%A$0.02
Spadel SA1.39%€2.20
Zhulian Corp Bhd8.28%MYR 0.03

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The 7 most popular dividend stocks with pay date

  1. Glencore PLC pays dividend on .
  2. Marubeni Corp pays dividend on .
  3. Amundi SA pays dividend on .
  4. Solvay SA pays dividend on .
  5. Ecora Resources PLC pays dividend on .
  6. SEB SA pays dividend on .
  7. Getlink SE Act. Provenant Regroupement pays dividend on .